News Date: 11/20/2007 اخبار پالینور

As mentioned in previous message, Palinure International Company is ready to launch its first international project named Witwatersrand Project at the beginning of December.

This project is participating in exploitation of Witwatersrand gold mines in South Africa in cooperation with other companies.

Palinure International Company proposes offering some bonds to active and successful members of palinureinterest to provide about 5% of project funds.

Concerning special situations and limited quantity of bonds and according to our leaders' opinions from all over the world, we decide to give bonds of Witwatersrand Project to successful members of Palinureinterest.

Witwatersrand Project bonds will be sold in a twenty days period which begins on 5th of December 2007. Members who attain at least two PLB balances in November 2007 will be eligible to buy Witwatersrand bonds.

We offer these high profitable bonds to active and successful members of Palinureinterest to thank them for their valuable cooperation in spreading Palinure International Company all over the world.

Palinure International Projects Manager

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