A brief report of Antofagasta-Palinure Seminar

News Date: 3/28/2008
A brief report of Antofagasta-Palinure Seminar

Antofagasta-Palinure Seminar was held on 22nd March 2008 in Santiago, capital of Chile, The seminar was attended by about 50 people, including Palinure International and AntofagastaChile companies Officials, members and Independent consultants of Palinure International Company. The seminar was divided into two two-hour sessions.
The first session started by George Green, network manager of Palinure. He read Palinure Chairman -David Gardner's message. He said, Palinure directors are hopeful that cooperation between Palinure International Company and AntofagastaChile Company provides both companies and their members with great high profitable opportunities.

Then Mr. Alfonso Braulio (Project Manager of AntofagastaChile Company) spoke at the seminar, gave a brief history of AntofagastaChile Company and its activities and then presented the new project.
The second session started by George Green in the afternoon. He presented "PLANT income plan" completely and mentioned that the opportunity of benefiting from this great income plan is available for two weeks from 22nd of March 2008 until 5th of April 2008. Members of the audience were encouraged to ask questions at any moment during this presentation. The presentation of "PLANT income plan" followed by answering asked questions.

Some Related news:

  • 50 people participated in the seminar, 30 persons were officials and 20 persons were Palinure members and other invited people.
  • 15 seats were reserved for leader of Middle East, but unfortunately, in spite of required and additional supports provided by Palinure International Company for them, no one attended the Seminar.
  • Audience showed a lot of interest in "New Antofagasta-Palinure Project" and "PLANT Income Plan".
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